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Another theory that may talk about the relationship between Ukyo and Ryoga is that during the battle between Ranma and Ryoga, Ukyo can be seen rooting for Ryoga to fight Ranma even more. Ukyo helping Ryoga in Nihao, My Concubine. Nihao, My Concubine: When Ukyo is captured by Sarutoru, Ryoga runs past and Ukyo calls for his help Ryoga and Ukyo. Ranma 1/2. Eiffel 65 - Blue (Da Ba Dee) - Duration: 5:08. Km Music Recommended for yo

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  1. Struggling to avoid Ryoga's attacks, Ukyo uses a flour bomb to get the upper hand. Amongst the smoke from the flour, Ukyo attempts to hit Ryoga with her Spatula again, but he manages to avoid her and subsequently jumps into the air and throws his umbrella at Ukyo, managing to cut open Ukyo's uniform
  2. Commission: Hibiki-Kuonji R-Legend 114 4 Ryoga and Ukyo - Sketch David-Haneri 7 0 Ukyo and Ryoga Tatsunokoisthebest 12 2 Huge Me!! gallymedes28 7 2 Ryoga Ukyo Fuko-chan 211 26 Fan Button: Ukyo X Ryoga SilverRomance 40 6 Ryoga and Ukyo MarshmallowAlgae 26 7 Ryoga and Ukyo - Knock first! GrailALPHA 75 22 Ukyo and Ryoga - Falling on your arms
  3. The next day Ukyo encounters Ryoga, who she prepares to fight against upon seeing him attacking Ranma. Their fight is cut short, however, as Ranma opens up Ukyo's shirt (much to her embarrassment) to convince Ryoga of Ukyo's gender, immediately forcing Ryoga to stop himself immediately
  4. I vote for Ukyo to
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Ukyo and Ryoga know that their chance is slipping away. When Ukyo finds out about Ryoga's curse, it causes a chain reaction that leads to the worst day of Uyko's and Ryoga's lives Ukyo then watches as Ryoga's fiancé returns after Ranma is knocked into the park's pond before unintentionally removing her wig, thus revealing Ranma's disguise to Ryoga. Ukyo then proceeds to help search for the fleeing Ryoga before moving on to ask just who this red-haired Ranma is Short, and not exactly the most climactic battle but still pretty cool Ryoga Hibiki (響 良牙 Hibiki Ryōga?) is Ranma Saotome 's eternal rival and a friend to him, the only one he has outright stated to truly consider as such, arguably the tritagonist, and one of the most powerful fighters in the series

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Ryoga and Ukyo talk about the set up date. That evening, Ryoga wanders the streets, even more aimlessly than usual. When he recollects Akane's statement, he idly buries a fist in a nearby telephone pole and painfully declares that if he was really mature, he'd actually tell Akane how he felt and not be such a wimp. And that is when Ukyo makes her presence known, having managed to successfully. Ukyo and Ryoga is written by Gary Kleppe and was published online on September 20th, 1997.1 1 Description 2 Plot 3 Notes 4 FFML Posting History 5 RAAC Posting History 6 See Also 7 Other External Links 8 References Story 20/09/97 Story (revision) 07/07/98 Story 23/09/97 Ukyo and Ryoga at Gary.. Ryoga and Ukyo seemed to work together so much, it was only natural to pair them together. Especially when you consider the amount of manga chapters and anime episodes they are seen working together or talking to eachother. Bacon is a common ingredient in okonomiyaki, maybe that's what keeps them away from eachother, LOL Need to stop hating. I am watching the entire anime ever and I can see why people want this paring more and more. Let me say right now that I don't c

*Sigh fine. I think one way you think another. Freedom of Choice: Tap Out or Angle Slam Kurt Angle is Go I guess I'm just really disappointed because I REALLY thought Ukyo and Ryoga would end up together. It's alright though, since Ryoga and Akari still make a cute couple! SakuraMamiya. 92. Onsen Mark's Favorite Pupil. SakuraMamiya. 92. Post Mar 15, 2011 #6 2011-03-16T02:17. Yeah. Rumiko also wanted Ukyo and Konatsu to be a couple. Humpheh . 350. Perverted Monk. Humpheh. 350. Post Mar 16, 2011 #7.

I actually like Ukyo x Ryoga. Err... I dunno why. Maybe it's because I kinda dislike Akari but at the same time feel sorry for her because Ryoga woul Jun 3, 2015 - Stuck at home sick, buzzed on tea and DayQuil, so I fanart-ed

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So while I have this account dedicated to my favorite ship in anime (Ukyo & Ryoga), I was recently inspired to make an AMV for another favorite ship of mine which is Sanji X Nami. It came out pretty decent, nothing too amazing. I have very little video editing experience, but I had loads of fun with this. I didn't have anywhere to post it so I just made a YT channel for it! It would mean a. In der Stadt macht Ukyo einen Laden mit Okonomiyaki auf, der von Ranma auch häufig besucht wird. Ihr wird oft nachgesagt das sie das beste Okonomiyaki der Welt mache. Sie ist in Ranma verliebt und Tsubasa Kurenai ist in sie verliebt. Diese verkleidet sich ähnlich wie Ukyo Ukyo had Ryoga. Even Kuno had Nabiki in a lover's quarrel kind of way. Click to expand... Click to shrink... uh, not exactly. Ryoga ended up with a girl from a town where piglets are basically considered gods. At least from what I remember . Kneefoil. Member. Oct 25, 2017 2,696. Dec 8, 2020 #27 Joe2187 said: A psycho who chased Female Ranma to the ends of the earth to kill her because she. 1.CASUAL ELEGANCE FANFIC RYOGA AND UKYO- a bunch of Ryoga/Ukyo stories to choose from. (if it didn't work, just click refresh one at a time) go to my blog, and you will find it. THERE ARE SOME GOOD ONES, AND SOME 2-5 (have really forgotten about it) STORIES IN THERE THAT ARE BLAH NOT MY THING, ALSO LOOK OUT FOR ONE WRITER IN THERE , ITS NOT EVEN RY/UK, SO WATCH OUT- VERY ANNOYING AND. Ukyo Kuonji (久遠寺 右京, Kuonji Ukyō) an okonomiyaki chef and a childhood friend of Ranma. Ten years prior to the manga's beginning, she met Ranma during a training voyage to the country with Genma. Her father proposed an arranged marriage to Ranma, who was unaware that she was a girl, with his okonomiyaki cart acting as the dowry, to which Genma agreed. But when an oblivious Ranma said.

Ukyo : Ryoga : Frage 29: Wer ist Rumiko Takahashi? Verlag, in dem Ranma 1/2 erschienen ist : eine Freundin von Ranma : eine Freundin von Akane : Mangaka von Ranma 1/2 : eine Freundin von Shampoo : Frage 30: Wie nennt Ranma Ukyo oft? Uki-chan : Ukyo-chan : Yo-chan : U-chan : Dieses. Einzigartige Ryoga Poster bestellen Von Künstlern designt und verkauft Hochwertiger Druck Bilder für Wohnzimmer, Schlafzimmer und mehr

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Ryoga and Ukyo. Follow. Focus: Anime/Manga Ranma, Since: 09-29-04. Founder: Mme. Raye - Stories: 79 - Followers: 68 - Staff: 5 - id: 4367 Every one deserves to have some romance in their life. For those of you who love the idea of Ryoga and Ukyo becoming a couple should pull up a chair and enjoy this archive of all fics that have Ryoga and Ukyo paired together.Everything concerning this couple. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art Ryoga, Ukyo, Ranma and Akane are heading back home after the Cursed Tunnel of Lost Love. Public transportation sure gives you a lot of time to think, doesn't it? FINALLY FINISHED. YAY? Ranma - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 5 - Words: 33,805 - Reviews: 138 - Favs: 161 - Follows: 59 - Updated: 7/4/2009 - Published: 7/9/2006 - Ryoga, Ukyo - Complete. No Depression by swartzvald reviews. Ryoga & Ukyo. Okay do you wanna know what I personally think? I really think that Ryoga and Ukyo would have made such a really cute couple! That picture above is the episode where Ryoga and Ukyo first met. Ryoga had thought Ukyo was a guy! They even fought! How cute, huh? A real lover's quarrel... I really like that picture a lot above. It's sooo cute! It looks like Ryoga is gonna kiss Ukyo.

Ryoga & Ukyo is written by Rodney Dean and began online publication in????. It was completed in????. 1 Description 2 Plot 2.1 Ryoga & Ukyo 2.2 Ryoga & Ukyo Again 3 Notes 4 See Also 5 External Links 6 References Two different takes on Ryoga Hibiki and Ukyo Kuonji caught up in the Blanket Scenario. An alternative ending to the first instalment Ryoga & Ukyo (Alternative Ending) also exists, by. Ukyo would shout to Ryoga, completely annoyed with his stubborn behavior. You're not exactly my idea of prince charming, you know, but beggars can't be choosers so I'm asking you nicely, or do you want me to get mad?! Ukyo would ask. You call that nice? You got yourself into this, lady! I warned you not to run off alone! Ryoga angrily remarked, remembering her own stubborn behavior from. May 17, 2019 - まるか on Twitter: Read Ukyo Kuonji, My Rival ?! from the story Ranma 1/2 Ryoga x OC[Discontinued] by AdorbsReader (_@READER_) with 268 reads. hibiki, romance, ranma. Chapter 15..

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Chelsea's Ryoga & Ukyo Page; Why These Two? The Page of Ranting Logic; The Ryoga & Ukyou Perfect Pair Page; Buomi's Ranma 1/2 Page of: Ukyou and Ryouga! ChORUs (Church Of Ryoga and Ukyo-sama) ukyo and ryoga images; Last Updated: 24 August 1999. Email Me (Yeah, I did intend to make a spiffy mail button for this page too, but as you can see I seem to be on a icon/button making hiatus for now. Ranma, Akane, Ryoga, Gosunkugi und Ukyo sind alle ca. 16 und sind in dem gleichen Schuljahr, ausser Ryoga, da er keine Schule besucht. Shampoo und Mousse sind höchst wahrscheinlich fast gleich alt (da sie zusammen aufwachsen sind), aber das genaue Alter von ihnen ist unbekannt. Sie beide, sind mit grösster Sicherheit, wie auch Kodachi, Akari und Konatsu, 16. Tatewaki Kuno und Nabiki Tendo. 29-jul-2016 - Explora el tablero de Sariiaa Kat Ryoga en Pinterest. Ver más ideas sobre ryoga, ranma 1 2, ryoga hibiki The latest Tweets from ryoga y ukyo (@ryogayukyo): #MorfiTelefe cari... Como sabes que el cocinero esta entrenado.. Je que noche tet Eventually Ranma throws Ukyo out of the ring entirely. Ranma grabs Ukyo and realizes that what he's feeling are breasts. (He had thought Ukyo was a boy). Part 3: Ukyo's Secret: We find out about Ukyo's past and how she's also engaged to Ranma. They end up making up. Part 4: Ryoga

Ryoga & Ukyo - by Rodney Dean: Ryoga and Ukyo are lost in a blizzard together. They find a cabin and settle in for the night. Unfortunately they only have 1 blanket, and Ryoga gives that to Ukyo. Later on, Ukyo wakes, and sees Ryoga shivering by a wall. She invites him under the blanket and they talk.. Ryoga. 300 likes · 599 talking about this. Ar

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Ryoga wanders around with a weighted bamboo parasol strapped to his back, while Ukyo does the same with her spatula, which is the size of a baker's peel. Likewise, both are capable of spamming projectiles : Ryoga with his seemingly never-ending supply of bandannas note even though it appears to be a single bandanna, regardless how many he pulls from it , whereas Ukyo's bandoleer never runs out. Ukyo Kuonji (久遠寺 右京 Kuonji Ukyō) added by soulfire524. Ranma Saotome (早乙女 乱馬 Saotome Ranma) added by soulfire524. Ryoga Hibiki | 란마 ½ 히비키 료가 (響良牙) added by soulfire524. らんま½.OVA.SUPER3_Ranma Saotome. added by soulfire524. Ranma1 2 OVA_Akane Tendo. added by soulfire524. Ranma1 2 OVA_Akane Tendo. added by soulfire524. Ranma1 2 DOCO_Akane Tendo.

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The Ever-Expanding Ryouga and Ukyou Pages.... (Well, it may slow down at times, but it's always growing! ^_^) Welcome to the Ryouga and Ukyou Pages, devoted to that couple which should be, but Takahashi-sama never really let happen. Yes, I do mean the Lost, Fanged Boy/Piglet and the Kawaii Okonomiyaki Chef Hochwertige Uhren zum Thema Ryoga von unabhängigen Künstlern und Designern aus aller Welt. Naturfarbener Holzrahmen oder Bambusrahmen in schwarz oder weiß. Vier verschiedene Farben für die Uhrzeiger. Tausende Designs von unabhängigen Künstlern. Diese Uhren sind so vielseitig, dass du vielleicht sogar zwei brauchst. So hast du mehr Zeit, dich zu entscheiden 3.4 Ukyo Kuonji; 3.5 Ryoga Hibiki; Appearance . Shampoo has waist-length dark hair (blue/purple in the anime) with a fringe and two strands hanging in front that are secured with ties. She dresses in various forms of Chinese clothing, usually a matching blouse and pants, over which she may wear an apron while working. Her combat outfit consists of a light colored long-sleeved blouse and pants.

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Ryoga/Ukyo thus remained exactly as popular a fan pairing as ever. Replacement Scrappy: The anime-only character Sasuke replaced Gosenkugi in many of the manga storylines (at least once without adjusting the plot to accommodate the change), and is looked down on (particularly by manga purists) for costing the show Gosenkugi's macabre-based humor Ukyo kuonji. 4,419 likes · 4 talking about this. Hola me llamo Ukyo Kuonji tengo 16 años soy una cosinera de los mas deliciosas panecillos japoneces y soy una peleadora de las artes marciales estilo.. ryoga hibiki fanfics Bilder zum Erstellen von ryoga hibiki fanfics elektronischen Postkarten, eigenen Profilen, Blogs, Pinnwand-Beiträgen und ryoga hibiki fanfics Sammelalben, Seite 1 von 7. Mit ryoga hibiki fanfics Bildern kannst du deine Welt wunderbar personalisieren und mit Freunden teilen. Viel Spaß dabei Ryoga : Shampoo : Ukyo : Genma : Frage 4: Wer verfolgt Ranma-chan durch ganz China und Japan? Akane : Ryoga : Ukyo : Happosai : Shampoo : Frage 5: Mit wem ist Ranma-kun verlobt? (Von den Eltern arrangiert) Akane : Shampoo : Kodachi : Ranma-chan : Frage 6: In was verwandelt sich Shampoo?. - Ryoga - Ukyo - Nylonstrumpf Taro XD XD . TrunkzSSJ Venha jogando Capoeira. 9. Juli 2002 #47 *hehe*-Ranma (bes. weibl. *geifer* *sabber* moah, bei dbz schneiden se und bei ranma...) -Tatewaki Kuno(seit einer bestimmten erfahrung goof: ) bin ich samurai-fan, und da ich auch selba haikus schreib...)-Shampoo(*hehe*taugt einfach, die chinesische amazone ^^) Chala süßigkeitenfanatikerin ^^ 10.

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Ranma 1/2 Ryoga x OC[Discontinued] by _@READER_ 9.8K 300 23 [DISCONTINUED] This is a Ranma 1/2 fanfiction Ryoga Hibiki x OC Summary - While Ryoga was lost yet again, he came upon a girl Shampoo/Ukyo : Frage 4: Wie heißt die Voodoonadel, die schrecklich in Akane verliebt ist ? Daniel Küblböck : Hikaru Gosunkugi : Ranma Saotome : Ryoga Hibiki : Soun Tendo : Frage 5: Wer kürzte Akane die Haare ? Ranma : Ryoga : Tsubasa : Mousse : Shampoo : Frage 6: Wer zeichnete Ranma 1/2 ?. Ryoga & Ukyo (Alternative Ending) is written by Eslington and was published online in????. 1 Description 2 Plot 3 Notes 4 See Also 5 External Links 6 References An alternative ending to the first instalment of Ryoga & Ukyo by Rodney Dean. Based on the Blanket Scenario challenge by Chelsea Deanne. Ryoga & Ukyo (Alternative Ending) at the Internet Archive record of Casual Elegance - Ryoga + Ukyo. Ryoga and Ukyo as a couple are joked about in both continuities, but somewhat more so in the anime (likely due to the fact Akari was never introduced in this continuity). However, this pairing seems unlikely at best. She has bluntly and abrasively reiterated her derision towards his lack of judgement, direction sense and shyness/cowardice, followed by hard whacks of her battle spatula. Ryoga.

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Bäumchen wechsel dich - Ryoga and Akane: 2-Gether, 4-Ever [Episode 42] Folge 43 : Umarme mich! - Sneeze Me, Squeeze Me, Please Me! Shampoo's Recipe for Disaster [Episode 43] Folge 44 : Die Happo-Feuerfaust - Rub-A-Dub-Dub! There's a Pervert in the Tub [Episode 44] Folge 45 : Kampf der Geschlechter - I Love You! My Dear, Dear Ukyo [Episode 45] Folge 46 : Die Hexe, die mich liebte - The Witch. Ryoga and Ukyo's Revenge is written by Rodney Dean and began online publication in????. It was completed in????. 1 Description 2 Plot 3 Notes 4 See Also 5 External Links 6 References Side story to Dark Obsessions, also by Dean. Parts 1 & 2 of Ryoga and Ukyo's Revenge at the Internet Archive record of Casual Elegance - Ryoga + Ukyo Ryoga/Ukyo is my favorite non-canon couple in Ranma 1/2. I also like Nabiki/Kuno. All the fan art on the front page, with the exception of a few screen caps, does not belong to me. They are copyright of artists like Mako, Kana, Cariie, Aka Sarada and many others. I have linked to their sites here

Ukyo Kuonji (GR) is a Super Rare Cat that can be unlocked by playing the Rare Cat Capsule during the Ranma 1/2 Collaboration Event. She was added in the Version 10.4 Update. 1 Evolution 2 Performance 2.1 Pros 2.2 Cons 3 Strategy/Usage 4 Description 5 Cost 6 Upgrade Cost 7 Stats 8 Appearance 9.. => Ukyo => Dr. Tofu => Tatewaki Kuno => Kodachi Kuno => Sasuke Sarugakure : Musik : Folge 1 : Episoden : Cosplay : Banner : Ryoga Hibiki: Ryoga Hibiki Seit Kinderstagen ist er Ranmas Konkurrent und verlangt andauernt Duelle. Er hat den schlechtesten Orientierungssinn den man sich vorstellen kann. So wird ein gang in seinen Garten zu einer Weltreise. Als er nach Jahrelangem suchen endlich Ranma. This article is about the unit. For the Enemy Unit, see Hibiki Ryoga (Enemy). Hibiki Ryoga (Pig) is an Uber Rare Cat that can be unlocked by playing the Rare Cat Capsule during the Ranma 1/2 Collaboration Event. He was added in the Version 10.4 Update. 1 Evolution 2 Performance 2.1 Pros 2.2 Cons 3 Strategy/Usage 4 Description 5 Cost 5.1 Normal Form 5.2 Evolved Form 6 Upgrade Cost 7 Stats 8. On no, Ukyo said in horror. We-we have to stop them! She seized Ryoga's arm again, pulling him towards the tunnel. Wait! the old man said urgently. It's too soon! More time must pass before- But neither Ukyo nor Ryoga listened to him. They charged into the tunnel, as fast as they could To do this, Ukyo teams up with the hapless Ryoga Hibiki, with the intent on fixing him up with Akane Tendo. 25: 43 Sneeze Me, Squeeze Me, Please Me! Shampoo's Recipe For Disaster Transcription: Kushami Ippatsu Aishite Naito (Japanese: くしゃみ一発愛してナイト) May 4, 1990 () Desperate to make Ranma hug her, Shampoo makes special dim sum for him with a mushroom that causes.

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Dec 28, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by L u c í a . Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres Ukyo and Ryoga scheme to break-up Ranma and Akane in the cursed tunnel; however, their plan backfires horribly, as the spirits attack them instead (Ranma and Akane were arguing, and Ryoga and Ukyo were holding hands at the time). Hayato, the Takoyaki Chef. Ukyo is challenged by an old foe, a takoyaki chef seeking revenge. Konatsu's Entrance Story. Ukyo takes in a pathetic Konatsu from his. Ukyo sets up a date between Ryoga and Akane in order to get Ranma for herself. As one would expect, everything about this plan goes horribly wrong. Ryoga keeps getting too nervous to fully admit his love and Ranma keeps trying to break them apart. Akane, who at first had no idea what was going on, later decides to take Ryoga on a date for real just to spite Ranma. This episode brings back a.

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In was verwandelt sich Ryoga wenn er mit kaltem Wasser in Berührung kommt? In ein schwarzes Hausschwein In eine Katze In einen Panda In eine Ente In ein Mädchen 3 Ukyo ist Meisterköchin! Was kocht sie am besten? Suppe Nudeln Reis Süßsaure Ente Okonomiaki 4 In wen ist Tatewaki Kuno verliebt? Akane und das Mädchen mit dem Zopf (Ranma-Chan) Ukyo Nabiki Shampoo Kodachi 5 Wer ist der Dieb der. This article is about the enemy. For the Cat Unit, see Hibiki Ryoga (Pig). Hibiki Ryoga is an enemy from the Ranma 1/2 Collaboration Event. 1 Enemy 2 Strategy 3 Encounters 3.1 Collaboration Event Stages 4 Stats 5 Reference - This enemy has very low DPS, so you can use units that can tank his.. Ukyo: Ryoga, think about this! Ukyo: I'm your hottest friend- no, Ranma. Ukyo: I'm your nicest friend- no, Akane. Ukyo: I'm your friend! #ukyo kuonji #ryoga hibiki #incorrect ranma quotes #source: the good place #most of the stuff in my pile of 60+ drafts is shit lost to time #but ome of its okay so im tryna post it #shut up urbs #pig boy and spatula girl. 8 notes. ryoga pictures to create ryoga ecards, custom profiles, blogs, wall posts, and ryoga scrapbooks, page 1 of 4. ryoga pics are great to personalize your world, share with friends and have fun

As some fans have noted, Ukyo is basically the Ryoga of Akane's life. It's really no wonder that Ukyo and Ryoga also form the most popular OT3's (Ranma/Akane/Ryoga and Akane/Ranma/Ukyo), especially in the West where Ukyo is much more popular. Higurashi: When They Cry: Keiichi, Rena, and Mion are looked at as a trio. Satoko, Rika and Hanyuu may. [FTO] Ranma 1/2 Part 088 - Ryoga vs Ukyo tiếng việt mới nhất, đọc truyện tranh [FTO] Ranma 1/2 Part 088 - Ryoga vs Ukyo, truyen [FTO] Ranma 1/2 Part 088 - Ryoga vs Ukyo onlin 10 Fragen - Erstellt von: Ryoga-Chan - Aktualisiert am: 01.06.2007 - Entwickelt am: 19.05.2007 - 15.069 mal aufgerufen - User-Bewertung: 4,0 von 5 - 23 Stimmen Denkst du, dass du ein echter Ranma1/2-Fan bist? Nein? Finde es raus! Geh auf Nummer sicher! 1 In wen ist Nabiki ein ganz kleines bisschen verliebt? Mousse Ryoga Hibiki Nabiki verliebt? Nee... Ranma Saotome Tatewaki Kuno 2 Wie nennt. Ukyo Kuonji (久遠寺 die seine Verlobte aber nicht versteht. Ryoga schläft als Ferkel auch nur in Akanes Bett, um Ranma wütend zu machen. Normalerweise ist er sehr schüchtern, romantisch, höflich und bescheiden, vor allem, wenn es um Frauen geht. Die Beziehung zu Ranma verändert sich im Verlaufe der Geschichte von Ärger, fast schon Hass, zu einer angespannten Rivalität und dann. Ukyo, Ryoga, and possibly Pantyhose Taro, are apparently almost completely self-taught while wandering the country, but the former apparently used to be, and the second is currently shown as, extremely dedicated. Ranma has been on intense training journeys with his extraordinarily proficient father since he was at most 2 years old, implicitly spending much time away from more normal activities.

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