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In diesem Video beschäftigen wir uns mit dem Mod / Add-on Mechjeb oder Mechjeb 2 für Kerbal Space Program (KSP). Für Kerbal Space Program gibt es viele tolle.. Thanks for watching guys!!, any questions or comments?Here are some of my other videos on Mechjeb:Landing on the Mun with Mechjeb: http://www.youtube.com/wat.. This installs the MechJeb mod on Kerbal Space Program. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the MechJeb2 folder you extracted from the Downloads folder into the GameData folder in File Explorer or the Finder. Advertisement. Community Q&A Search. Add New Question. Ask a Question. 200 characters left. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Submit. I'm sorry, I'n new there to using mods. How to land on the mun by using mechjeb? Please tell me in words, it's very hard to understand. Imagine that I have a ship that can fly to the mun but I do not know how to set the mechjeb up

MechJeb Embedded . This extra mod enables MechJeb on all the command pods. Step 2 - Building the Mun rocket. Since the Kerbal X is already a very capable rocket, we will use that for our trip to the Mun. However, we must make some additions to allow Jeb to come home. Add a Rockomax Brand Decoupler beneath the lander's engine Install the version of Unity that KSP uses ( Currently 2019.2.2f1 ) Configure your system environement variables and add: KSPDIR set to where your KSP install is ( usually C:\Program Files\Steam (x86)\SteamApps\Common\Kerbal Space Program ) MONO set to the path of Unity current mono.exe ( usually C:\Program Files\Unity\Hub\Editor\2019.2.2f1\Editor\Data\MonoBleedingEdge\bin\mono.exe ) PDB2MDB. Add either the AR202 surface-attached case from the Control tab or the MechJeb pod from the Pods tab to one of your vessels.Then use the button on the right side of the screen to access MechJeb window selection interface, and click on the buttons to activate the windows. The windows can be dragged anywhere on screen, and their position is saved and reused among all rockets. Links: KSP Forum.

KSP Tutorial: Mechjeb 2 Grundlagen (Mod - deutsch - Kerbal

Kerbal Space Program. Mods und Addons. Mechjeb Tutorial? Ascen; 22. Juli 2013; Ascen. Hobbyastronom. Beiträge 17. 22. Juli 2013 #1; Hi Leute, gibt es irgendwo eine vernünftiges Guide für den Mechjeb oder Video auf deutsch das ein die Funktionen erklärt? Ich blick da nicht so durch und mein English ist einfach zu schlecht. Einmal editiert, zuletzt von McFlƴeѵer (12. September 2013) aus. Mechjeb 2 is out, I take a look at some of the new features, and try out some of the old favourites. Thanks for watching! Kerbal Space Program is a fantastic.. 3,085,081 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 12, 2021 Game Version: 1.11.0. Download Instal

MechJeb is an autopilot system developed for Kerbal Space Program 0.14 (http://www.kerbalspaceprogram.com) which is available for download from this thread. Dans cette vidéo nous allons voir comment régler et utiliser les deux modules Aircraft Autopilot et Aircraft Approach & Autoland du mod Mechjeb 2. Nous verro.. Circularize your orbit. You want an orbit that is a bit higher or lower than your target. If your target is orbiting at 80km, you might try a 100km or 120km orbit. (Mechjeb can do this for you) Match inclinations with your target. You might find it more efficient to swap steps 1 & 2 depending on the situation. (Mechjeb can match inclinations.

How to get into orbit using Mechjeb 2

Add either the AR202 surface-attached case from the Control tab or the MechJeb pod from the Pods tab to one of your vessels.Then use the button on the right side of the screen to access MechJeb window selection interface, and click on the buttons to activate the windows. The windows can be dragged anywhere on screen, and their position is saved and reused among all rockets Built for KSP 1.10 . Compact UI now the default Spanish translation Russian translation Updated Chinese translation Principia node execution (WIP) Many PVG updates Plane Landing and autopilot improvements Stuff I missed in the commit logs Various fix and improvements. About Project. Report. Project ID 220221. Created May 6, 2014. Updated Jan 12, 2021. Total Downloads 3,083,950. License GNU. any good mechjeb 2.0 tutorials? I look on YouTube but find it difficult to understand how to fully use mechjeb if anybody has any good links that happened them out appreciate it. Hate to be the douche noob asking the most basic question but I figured you guys know more than anyone else. 5 comments. share. save. hide. report . 71% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted.

Autopilot, Information displays, and general Automation plugin. Manage your mods and addons with the CurseForge desktop app for Windows and macO [Tutorial] MechJeb im KSP 0.22 Karrieremodus nuzen. Für den Triumph des Bösen reicht es, wenn das Gute nichts unternimmt. Inhalt melden; vonbrosel. Testobjekt. Erhaltene Likes 1 Beiträge 26 Bilder 7. 24. Oktober 2013 #9; mit der neuen mechjeb ver. 2.1 braucht man nix mehr ändern, die ist schon fix und fertig, aber wer gerne mechjeb im command pod haben möchte muss das schon. Und da ist. Anschließend einfach KSP starten. Das Spiel lädt dann automatisch den Mod. Falls nicht, nochmal überprüfen, ob du tatsächlich den richtigen Ordner kopiert hast. Für den Fall, dass du einen.

Easy Ways to Install MechJeb: 13 Steps (with Pictures

Bauteile sind die grundlegenden Elemente für die Montage von Rakete- und Raumflugzeugkonstruktionen in Kerbal Space Program.Als Ganzes bilden sie die Baumaterialien, die Spieler im Vehicle Assembly Building und Space Plane Hangar auswählen können. Die Teile werden in sieben Hauptkategorien unterteilt: Kommandokapseln, Treibstofftanks, Antriebe, Steuerung und Kontrolle, Strukturen. Autopilot, Information displays, and general Automation plugi

Open MechJeb Maneuver Planner, select 'Bi-Impulsive Transfer to Target'. Plot and execute burn. (Note the burn may be up to 4 hours in the future.) In MechJeb Maneuver Planner select 'Fine-Tune Closest Approach to Target'. Set distance to something large enough to miss the station, but close enough for what you need to do. Plot and execute burn. We all know that Mechjeb 2 comes with docking autopilot, but thats not what I want to share today. With the method Im going to share you can easily and repeatedly dock your ships together without using RCS at all!First, you need two ships with Mechjeb 2 installed on them, as well as matching dock..

Add either the AR202 surface-attached case from the Control tab or the MechJeb pod from the Pods tab to one of your vessels.Then use the button on the right side of the screen to access MechJeb window selection interface, and click on the buttons to activate the windows. The windows can be dragged anywhere on screen, and their position is saved and reused among all rockets 5 Tips MechJeb Tutorial FOR NOOBS. Close. 3. Posted by 6 years ago. Archived. 5 Tips MechJeb Tutorial FOR NOOBS. youtu.be/JJjyos... 5 comments. share. save. hide. report. 62% Upvoted. This thread is archived . New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by. best. level 1. 2 points · 6 years ago. Im not a noob but its still useful! level 2. Original Poster 1 point · 6 years. [MechJeb 1 manual] (https: Neil Armstrong got a memorial on the Mun after his death, I am requesting that Michael Collins gets one in the next KSP update. I'm thinking something orbiting the Mun with the same orbital parameters as the Apollo 11 capsule (111.65km semi-major axis [measured from surface], 0.0345 eccentricity, 1.25 degrees inclination) that people would be able to rendezvous.

How to use mechjeb? :: Kerbal Space Program General

Hello, I installed the mod mechjeb following a youtube tutorial. The mechjeb modules appear in the factory and I install one of them (the small one with an antenna) in a ship but,in the launch screen, doesn't appear any window or label with the autopilot orders and parameters. Am I doing something wrong Mechjeb или лёгкие полёты ksp tutorial mod kerbal e program длиннопост фэндомы картинки гифки прикольные. MechJeb Automated Rendezvous - Tutorial - Kerbal Space Program 0.22 Movies Preview remove-circle Share or Embed This Item. Share to Twitter. Share to Facebook. Share to Reddit. Share to Tumblr. Share to Pinterest. Share to Popcorn Maker. Share via email. EMBED. EMBED (for wordpress.com hosted blogs and archive.org item <description> tags) Want more? Advanced embedding details, examples, and. good guide: Now with mechjeb: 0. get into orbit. (duh) use mechjeb (orbit operations) to set your apopasis above your target, say about 40% higher or so. use mechjeb (orbit operations) to circularize at that height. set the target in map view. use mechjebs rendezvous module to align orbits. make a maneuver node that takes you down to target orbit MechJeb and Engineer For All Version for Kerbal Space Program 1.4.3. Released on 2018-06-04. Add NEEDS on patches. Download (29.73 KiB) Version for Kerbal Space Program 1.4.3. Released on 2018-05-15. Updated .version file. Download (29.71 KiB) Version 1.3.0 for Kerbal Space Program 1.4.3. Released on 2018-05-14. Initial release. Download (29.72 KiB) Stats for MechJeb and.

Tutorial:Moon landing using mods - Kerbal Space Program Wik

Kerbal Space Program 2 has cartoon tutorials and procedural wings Kerbal Space Program 2 is a game about rocket science, and famously, rocket science is not an easy thing to learn Last unsuccessful build (#1028), 2 days 20 hr ago Last completed build (#1028), 2 days 20 hr ago Page generated: May 13, 2021 8:29:36 PM CEST REST API Jenkins ver. 2.18 From Kerbal Space Program Wiki. Jump to : navigation, search. This article is a stub. You can help KSP Wiki by expanding it. tutorial. Getting into space is relatively easy, but staying there without drifting endlessly into space or falling back down to Kerbin can be challenging. This tutorial will teach you how to get into and remain in orbit, how to adjust your orbit to be circular or. MechJeb Automated Rendezvous - Tutorial - Kerbal Space Program 0.22. Keon Loyd. Follow. 6 years ago | 940 views. MechJeb Automated Rendezvous - Tutorial - Kerbal Space Program 0.22 . Report. Browse more videos. Browse more videos. Playing next. 4:40. How To Get To Duna - Tutorial - Kerbal Space Program 0.22. Videogames. 15:01. Orbital Mech 101 - A Kerbal Space Program tutorial. Rosella Embry.

Playing KSP .23, I cannot access the MechJeb menus. Nothing pops up when I try to launch my craft (Stock KerbalX). I recently reinstalled KSP and MechJeb to make sure I had the most current versions. I installed the MechJeb2 folder directly into the GameData folder, per standard instruction, but that did not work Is there any need to install an earlier version of MechJeb before 2.0 only it looks quite a bit smaller than say the 1.9.8 version. Um, I can't really comment about the steam version, but that's pretty much what you do on the non-steam version. Kerbal Engineer Redux, Environmental Visual Enhancements, and Active Texture Management are probably your best bets out of the 38 options considered. Greetings SpaceDock user! We'd like to know what you think about the email notification that says, Thought you would like to know that ModAuthor told us that version 1.2.3 of BestMod works great with KSP 1.11.2. Please head to the forum thread and reply

Kerbal Space Program 101: Getting to the Mun with Mechjeb Movies Preview remove-circle Share or Embed This Item. Share to Twitter. Share to Facebook. Share to Reddit. Share to Tumblr. Share to Pinterest. Share to Popcorn Maker. MechJeb2- 3.60 MB view: Changes RoverController: simplified HeadingToPos (commit: 36b7578) (detail / githubweb) RoverController: cast ground rays only if Stability Control is enabled (commit: ba06810) (detail / githubweb) RoverController: update GUI heading value only if changed, saves an (commit: e3e7ce3) (detail / githubweb) RoverController: unclamped angle in waypoint speed. Feb 22, 2021 2:08 AM RSS for all RSS for failures. Project MechJeb2-CKAN-REPO. Workspace: Recent Changes: Upstream Projects. MechJeb2-Dev; MechJeb2-RO; Permalinks. Last build (#361), 14 hr ago; Last stable build (#361), 14 hr ago; Last successful build (#361), 14 hr ago; Last completed build (#361), 14 hr ago ; Help us localize this page Page generated: May 8, 2021 9:03:57 PM CEST REST API.

Some of the more popular mods are MechJeb, Remote Tech 2, Ferram Aerospace Research, Deadly Re-entry, along with countless other mods. For the sake of simplicity, we are going to install MechJeb, one of the most popular addons for Kerbal Space Program. Mechjeb is an autopilot system, hence the name Mechanical Jebediah. Besides allowing for. Kerbal Space Program. 2,178 Mods. Start Project Mods. #2 5 . Feb 14, 2020 7:46 PM RSS for all RSS for failures. Project MechJeb2-Release. Workspace: Last Successful Artifacts. MechJeb2- 3.60 MB view: Recent Changes: Permalinks. Last build (#29), 3 mo 27 days ago; Last stable build (#29), 3 mo 27 days ago; Last successful build (#29), 3 mo 27 days ago ; Last failed build (#26), 10 mo ago; Last unsuccessful build (#26), 10 mo ago; Last. 3.29.2 for Kerbal Space Program 1.11.2. Interstellar Fuel Switch Download. Interstellar Fuel Switch is mend for mod makers which want to add resource/mesh/texture switching to their tanks Interstellar Fuel Switch is an improved version of FSFuelSwitch, FSMeshSwitch and FSTextureSwitch, FSTextureSwitch2 made by Snjo . Interstellar Fuel Switch v20.4 for Kerbal Space Program 1.10.1. SCANsat. download kerbal space program mechjeb 2 manual. File name: manual_id278636.pdf Downloads today: 293 Total downloads: 5750 File rating: 9.26 of 10 File size: ~1 MB >>> DOWNLOAD . Share this: Twitter; Facebook; Like this: Like Loading... Related. Tq manual December 11, 2014. Vl500 manual September 6, 2014. Samsung galaxy y user manual pdf free download September 4, 2014. Post navigation ← User. Share your Kerbal Space Program craft, with automatic detection of mods, search by mod & craft attributes. mumech.MJ2.AR202 All Parts . KerbalX. Main Menu Craft Search Mods Index Find Parts Missions Hangars Users. Upload Craft. about. dev_blog. sign up. . This part is from MechJeb 2. cost: 750. mass: 0.0001. category: Control. CrewCapacity: 0. TechRequired: flightControl. resources.

Discuss Kerbal Space Program 2, for topics that do not fit the forums below 25.1k posts. how would you like research to work in ksp2? By mcwaffles2003, Just now; KSP 2 Dev Diaries. KSP 2 Dev Diaries 154 posts. Developer Insights #1; By Atomic Engineer, Yesterday at 09:00 PM; General KSP. KSP Discussion. Discuss Kerbal Space Program, for topics that do not fit the forums below 463.6k posts. KSP. MechJeb 2. Es gibt. Kerbal Engineer Redux, Environmental Visual Enhancements, and ScanSat are probably your best bets out of the 40 options considered. Shows important statistics when building crafts and in-flight is the primary reason people pick Kerbal Engineer Redux over the competition. This page is powered by a knowledgeable community that helps you make an informed decision Kerbal Space.

GitHub - MuMech/MechJeb2: MechJeb2 - KSP mo

  1. Ich spiele KSP seit Version 0.13.1 und nach tausenden von Starts ist es einfach keine Herausforderung mehr. Und wie auch O.G. schon erwähnt hat ist Mechjeb so viel genauer und gleichmässiger. Ich kann meine Landefähre 50m neben einem bereits gelandeted Modul runterbringen, die Flugbahn beim starten ist immer gleiche etc. Ich benutze Mechjeb um zu starten, punktgenau zu landen und für.
  2. Hello, I just recently started with KSP just before the.23 patch (so initially I was using.22) and I'd installed the 2.1 version of Mechjeb after having started a game in career mode and I was not entirely surprised that mechjeb never worked (And had planned to create another game to play with it)
  3. g, and it will walk you through some basic first steps
  4. Usage instructions: Add either the AR202 surface-attached case from the Control tab or the MechJeb pod... Download. MechJeb. Usage instructions: Add either the AR202 surface-attached case from the Control tab or the MechJeb pod... Download. Kerbal Attachment System (KAS) Kerbal Attachment System (KAS) This mod is another extension to the EVA duty of the... Download. Kerbal Engineer Redux.
  5. Kerbal Space Program Cheats und Tipps: Cheats, Die Steuerung, Docking Tutorial, Karrieremodus, Raketenbau Guide, Unsere und 0 weitere Theme

Kerbal Space Program (KSP) is a game with a lot of content that can keep you busy for hours. However, the fan community has provided even more content by creating modifications for it that can make it more difficult, add quality of life improvements, or just change the way you play the game. Nearly all these mods are totally free, but you need to know how to install KSP mods first Wenn man es sich leicht machen will, dann baut man noch einen MechJeb an die Kapsel Ich selber benutze die Dev-Version 2.0.8---[EDIT] Ich habe dir den .craft-File mal unten angehängt. Den File musst du im Kerbal-Verzeichnis unter /saves/NamedesSpielstandes/Ships/VAB packen.-- Und dank MechJeb klappt es nun nach gefühlten 1238 Fehlschlägen auch mit dem Stationsbau. Jetzt geht es los mit Mondlandung und danach mit Interplanetaren Flügen. Gespeichert Grüße, Chris. lngo Gast; Re: Kerbal Space Program « Antwort #218 am: 19. August 2017, 15:33:10 » Cool Fürs Docking habe ich auch lange üben müssen. Gespeichert christiankrause6. Senior Member; Beiträge: 271; Re.

MechJeb2 - Mods - Kerbal Space Program - CurseForg

Either way, I cannot find any tutorials on MechJeb 2 (although I found a video on MechJeb that intrigued me enough to actually use this mod). The screen shot below shows my in-game interface, and I've got the MechJeb 2 interface opened Mechjeb 2 Ksp. 9/30/2019 MechJeb2-Release Back to Dashboard Status Changes Workspace GitHub Embeddable Build Status. W Description% Build stability: No recent builds failed. Hello, I have some kind of problem. I trying to install the mod mechjeb. But i have download the mod and set it up in the gamedate folder. Now if am ingame i see the items from mechjeb, but i dont see the button on the. I'll be using Bobcatind's N1-L3 for this tutorial. First, get your Münar Spacecraft and get it into orbit. Then wait for the Mün to rise over the horizon, point prograde and throttle up. Press m. You should be in map view. Click on the arrow at the bottom of the screen to bring up the navball. Keep the rocket pointed prograde and the throttle at 100% until you see part of your orbit turn.

Kerbal Space Program Mun Landing Tutorial - Using MechJeb

MechJeb is not only a fantastic automation tool, but also serves as a good tutorial to the game. KSP has a fairly steep learning curve, and being able to watch the necessary maneuvers get executed, not to mention seeing the planet transfer methods that can save fuel, is incredibly helpful in learning and understanding the game. Addons are great for people who have been playing the vanilla. Kerbal Space Program - Guide To MechJeb 2.0 - Part II Return From The Mun. KSP Mods - Konstruction - However, there was no release for KSP 1. A box like that come with 1. SpaceY Lifters is a stock alike parts pack that is intended to extend the stock line-up of parts for lifting heavy payloads to orbit, by providing a similar. You should be using the 0. superwedge fairing. Maneuvering up here. KSP MechJeb all feature at start. a guest . May 7th, 2017. 240 . Never Attitude Adjustment, Thrust Window, RCS Balancer. Once unlocked, all existing MechJeb modules will be automatically upgraded to latest firmware. // --- standard part parameters --- mass = 0.00001 dragModelType = default maximum_drag = 0.0 minimum_drag = 0.0 angularDrag = 0 crashTolerance = 6 maxTemp = 2900 CrewCapacity.

Kerbal Space Program MechJeb Tutorial semiautomatic orbit no mechjeb tutorials kerbal Tutorial Program MechJeb Kerbal Space We found 24++ Images in Kerbal Space Program MechJeb Tutorial As always, Paste 'GameData' in ksp main folder. This version uses ModuleManager (included 4.0.2) to provide functionality. Unlike my previous release, it does not change your files, it justs appends the MechJeb core at the time of execution. This does not add MechJeb functionality, it just adds the MechJeb module to the command modules. That. KSP is mod-enabled, and with its pedigree of top-level mod support, CurseForge empowered authors and players to build the best Kerbal addons (and spaceships!) possible. Start Your Project Browse Projects. For Authors. We provide the tools content creators need and streamline user experience to make sharing content easy and rewarding. Have a popular project? Sign up for our Rewards Program! You. Best Kerbal Space Program mods MechJeb 2 by Sarbian. You might say that MechJeb2 is instrumental to KSP. It helps to automate a lot of the processes that'll get you from Kerbin and off into space, with nice read-outs and easier ways to connect and control your ship. It's an autopilot, cruise control, and space calculator, though you need some KSP knowledge to understand how to work. Anatid Robotics and Multiversal Mechatronics proudly presents the first flight assistant autopilot: MechJebHomepage:..

Mechjeb Tutorial? - Mods und Addons - KerbalSpaceProgram

Mick shows you how to install MechJeb 2.1 in KSP Version .22. Posted by Unknown at 10:35 AM. Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. Labels: East Coast Geeks, ECG, Kerbal Space Program, MechJeb, tutorial. No comments: Post a Comment. Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) Welcome. Welcome to the East Coast Geeks Blog. We hope to fulfill all the. ALCOR v 0.9.7 Module Manager 2.8.0+ RasterPropMonitor v0.30.2+ ASET_Props v 1.5+ recommended: MechJeb v 2.6.1+ ScanSat v 18.2+ Vessel Viewer Continued Docking Port Alignment Indicator v 6.7+ supported: Kerbal Alarm Clock v 3.8.5+ Astrogator v 0.7.8+ Chatterer v 0.9.93+ TAC - Life Support USI - Life Support Kerbalis

Mod Look: MechJeb 2 in Kerbal Space Program - YouTub

Chemistry 12 Tutorial 10—Solutions Chemistry 12—Tutorial 10 Solutions Page 3 of 5 pages 3 Ksp 4 4.9 x 10-17 4 3 2.6K x 10-9 3. a) Calculate the molar solubility (solubility in moles/Litre) of Fe(OH)2 in water.-s +s +2s (where s is the molar solubility Developer Insights #5 - KSP2 Tutorial Animations. Jul 21, 2020 . Dev Diaries. Developer Insights #4 - KSP2 Engineering. Jun 12, 2020 . Dev Diaries. Introducing - Intercept Games. May 28, 2020 . Dev Diaries . Developer Insights #3 - KSP2 Design Pillars. Apr 16, 2020 . Dev Diaries. Developer Insights #2 - Visual Effects. Feb 26, 2020 . Latest News. Release. Kerbal Space Program 1.11. Developer Insights #5 - KSP2 Tutorial Animations. Hello! My name is Rafael Calonzo Jr., and I am the Senior 2D Animator on Kerbal Space Program 2. You may be wondering — as I did when they first approached me for this role — why would a realistic space travel simulation need two-dimensional animation? Let's go back to a weekday morning in 2013.... 12 Jun 2020 . Dev Diaries. Developer.

KSP 2 Kerbal Space Program 2 is a very ambitious project and everyone at Private Division and Intercept Games is committed to delivering the best possible experience to KSP fans. For this reason, Nate Simpson, Creative Director of KSP 2 informed the community last week about the decision of releasing KSP 2 in 2022 instead of fall 2021. We knew we were taking on an immense technical and. Also see: corpsmoderne's guide to precise KSP landings. thepseudomonkey's engine data charts -- see all of them here. thepseudomonkey's parachute graphs (see both here). Useful Mods. MechJeb or Kerbal Engineer. Telemachus: Telemetry & Flight Control in the Browser. Telescoping Hull Camera. Haystack (searchable ship list) PreciseNode (Maneuver.

MINECRAFT Videos DEUTSCH Videos von 0Slashking0 Lets playksp rss ro 64 bit : delta heavy to the Moon 1/2 - YouTubeKerbal Space Program - Page 12 - Video Games - PistonHeadsFirst Duna rover : KerbalSpaceProgramTutorial:RemoteTech2 - Kerbal Space Program WikiKerbal Space Program - YouTube

Kerbal Space Program MechJeb Tutorial how to install mechjeb kerbal space program version 23 Tutorial Space Kerbal MechJeb Progra Kerbal space program mechjeb mod download Anatid Robotics and Multiversal Mechatronics proudly presents the first flight assistant autopilot: MechJeb MechJeb2 is a mod for the game Kerbal Space Program. To learn how to use it, visit the wiki. For more info, visit this KSP forum post. Table of Contents Install Build Maintainer Contribute F.A.Q. Install Manual install Download Download from. How to use mechjeb 2. Mechjeb 2.7.3 manual. Ksp mechjeb 1.2 2. Mechjeb launch to orbit. how to use the flight computer to execute burns in network blind spots The tutorial gives two methods for creating a KEO network. Have an easier rocket design and less specific orbit requirements, but are more tedious and familiarity with KSP. The AR202 module must be put somewhere on the ship for mechjeb.

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